Why Table Maestro?

If you get five messages a day, that means eight people called and didn’t leave one. And since the average reservation is made for three people, you’ve just missed 24 potential customers. If your average check is $45 a head, your restaurant is missing nearly $1,080 day. That’s $386,640 a year. So if you get:

Calls Missed
Potential Customers
Daily Loss
5 messages
10 messages
20 messages

With Table Maestro, your level of service will increase, your labor costs will decrease, and your business will grow. It’s a cost effective, quality approach that makes a big difference. Here’s how:

We’ll increase your level of service
Your Account Reservations Manager will record important information you can use to create a custom dining experience for each of your guests. We’ll also minimize distraction from incoming calls, allowing your guests the one-on-one attention they deserve.

We’ll save you money
Our services cost an average of $4 to $6 less per hour than your in-house staff and enable you to reduce the number employees needed on the floor. This means lower payroll, taxes, and benefits, too.

We’ll grow your business
Our highly trained staff is always readily available to fulfill any guest’s request - even when your doors are closed. By taking reservations daily, we’ll help you build your customer database and give you the power to communicate with your guests and encourage repeat business.

With Table Maestro, you can focus all your energy into what you do best: providing the fine dining experience that gets your phones ― our phones ― ringing off the hook.